£3,000 internet grant available to small businesses

SMALL businesses in Peterborough can get a grant of £3,000 to spend on internet connectivity through city-based provider CyberAir. The money is made available through the government’s Connected Cities initiative.

All types of businesses with fewer than 250 employees can apply for a voucher until March 2016. CyberAir can apply for the grant on behalf of a business and will then install and set up its network connectivity. The grant can also be used to upgrade an existing internet connection.

In addition to fast internet connectivity, CyberAir can provide a wide range of applications that allow businesses to analyse, understand and manage network activity. This can be used to study customer profiles, behaviour and trends – priceless data for all commercial businesses.

sabrinaCyberAir’s Sabrina Bell (left) told Peterborough Business, “What this means for SMEs is that they can purchase state-of-the-art internet connectivity network management hardware and software to suit their businesses needs without having to access any of their own funds. The grant is completely free and is for a total of £3k rather than up to £3k.”

For more information about how to access the grant or to find out about the Connected Cities campaign, visit Cyberair.co.uk.