How to grow your sales

A HALF-day conference that aims to show all types of businesses how to grow their sales is being held at Peterborough’s Marriott Hotel on Thursday May 26.

Chris Billington Hughes from Results Corporation will show businesses how to structure the most effective marketing and sales processes. He will explore why commonly held marketing misconceptions are holding most businesses back from achieving the success they want and deserve.

Chris Billington Hughes is regularly invited to present to audiences all over the UK and Ireland, for many leading organisations such as Lloyds TSB, Barclays Bank, The Institute of Directors, The Business Club, Business Link, Business Money Magazine and many others. He understands what it is like being ‘out there’ as a practitioner not a theorist, making it happen in a fast moving, demanding business.

This conference will identify some of the most effective ways to:

  • Generate more leads (of high quality).
  • Increase your average sale values and avoid discounting.
  • Generate more sales revenue from your existing clients.
  • Improve your conversion rates from all your marketing and sales activities.
  • Understand how you can maximise your returns from direct mail, sales teams, advertising, brochures, websites, online marketing, pay per click, proposals and all marketing expenditure.

Speaking after one of Chris Billington Hughes’s presentations, Bob Lefroy, editor in chief of Business Money Magazine said,Chris could have gone on for hours and held our attention. His knowledge of the science of marketing, and I mean real marketing with targeted lead conversion and well written advertisements, held everyone spellbound. I have seen him do this before with Lloyds TSB Business Banking.”

The event starts at 9.30am (coffee from 9am) on May 5 at the Marriott Hotel, Lynchwood, Peterborough. It will finish about 12.30pm when lunch will be served.

Tickets for individual Grow Your Business Forums are £40 plus VAT.

How to Grow Your Sales is the eighth event in the Grow Your Business Forums organised by GreenStones Accountants. Click here for more information and details of offers for GreenStones customers.

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  1. Did anybody attend this event, and did they find it helpful? We have always believed that gaining more clients and sales is based on spreading the risk of lead generation through various means, ensuring that you are never in the position that should one avenue of sales dry up, you would lose the majority of your sales. 

    That, and being strong enough to try new things as a business. We’ve just done this by launching the new office screens range of equipment to our successful business – and are finding that variety is helping in diversifying the pool of leads and sales.

    Did Chris Billington Hughes have any other gems to share?

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