Move to Peterborough sees performance boost for energy company

ENERGY metering and billing company Insite Energy has transferred its customer call centre from London to Peterborough, resulting in 60 per cent improved service quality and a 30 per cent reduction in complaints.

Under the leadership of customer service manager, Carly Freeman (above), who is from Peterborough, the team helps residents connected to heat networks or district heating systems with a range of issues relating to their heat energy supply, including metering, billing and payment. The Committee on Climate Change estimates that heat networks should account for around 18 per cent of the country’s heating by 2050 if the UK is to reach its net zero emissions target; around two per cent of UK buildings were heated by communal systems in 2018.

“Insite Energy is investing heavily in customer service ahead of an anticipated sharp growth in district heating systems across the UK. We are in a very strong position to meet the new incoming business. The new call centre is already 30 per cent bigger than previously and we can grow to twice our current capacity within three years if required,” explained Ms Freeman.

Insite Energy is already one of the heat network sector’s largest and longest-established billing and payment providers. The team at Stuart House on St John’s Street delivers support to the company’s public and private landlord clients, who include housing associations, local authorities, developers, contractors and managing agents.

The Peterborough team is proud of its industry-leading low call waiting time, which averages just 90 seconds. Large energy companies typically incur a 10 minute or more wait per call, with some smaller companies averaging nearly half an hour, according to research by the Competition and Markets Authority.

“We’re really investing in our staff, as well as technology,” said Ms Freeman. “Peterborough is a great location as it’s a hub for customer contact centres, meaning there is a skilled local workforce to draw from. We’re offering a lot of benefits and amenities and building the right working culture so that we can attract good people and have them stay with us for a long time. We’re focusing on technology and systems that provide not only excellent customer service, but also data security and regulatory compliance. It’s an exciting time to be with Insite Energy.”