Business owners turn to psychics

Russell GrantINCREASING numbers of businesses are turning to psychics for advice during the recession, according to Russell Grant (left).

Mr Grant’s psychic team says that previously one in every three calls was love-related. Now it’s evident that more and more business owners have been calling up to get advice during this tough climate.

Using psychics and mediums for business use is not unusual, in fact they are usually employed to suss out prospective employees, solve mysteries within the workplace or indeed work hand in hand with astrologers and financial directors to plot the business moving forward.

There doesn’t seem to be any evidence that these businesses were any better prepared for the economic crisis, so maybe we should assume they didn’t see it coming.

In addition, it has been reported that church ministers have seen a significant rise in attendance amongst bankers, analysts and other city workers at the lunchtime services within the financial districts in London.

Whether or not the psychics, astrologers and ministers can help us out of our troubled times remains to be seen. One sceptic quipped: “They can’t do a worse job than those who got us into this mess.”