Council’s advice on planning for impact of swine flu

PETERBOROUGH business leaders are being urged to ensure they have robust plans to keep operating in the face of rising cases of swine flu.

Victoria Bales, senior business continuity and risk officer at Peterborough City Council, said: “While most people with swine flu are suffering only mild symptoms so far, business owners and managers still need to anticipate some absenteeism among their staff at some time over coming weeks.

“Their business could even suffer if sickness absenteeism affects deliveries from one of their suppliers.

“They need to plan how they can continue delivering normal or essential services with reduced staff numbers or disruption to their supply chain. They should also ensure their people follow strict hygiene guidelines, especially those staff who come into direct contact with large numbers of people.”

Helpful advice, checklists and other sources of information on how to prepare business continuity plans are available on the city council’s website: