Financial big gun for hire

Gavin Allmand - Peterborough BusinessENTREPRENEURIAL finance director and accountant Gavin Allmand has his sights set on small to medium-sized businesses in the greater Peterborough area. He believes he has the skills and experience to help and support them fend off the vagaries of the economic climate.

His idea is to support local businesses on a part-time basis, providing them with the benefit of his expertise and experience but without the cost burden normally associated with a full-time senior executive with similar experience.

Mr Allmand (49), a trained accountant from near Market Deeping, has performed exactly this role for two owner managed businesses in South Lincolnshire and Nottingham for the last five years and previous to that has worked both employed and self-employed in a number of industries as diverse as retail, property development, franchising, telecoms and agriculture.

Speaking exclusively to Peterborough Business, Mr Allmand said, “I would like to assist a growing company or a maybe help with a turnaround situation. I believe there are businesses that need management support but believe they cannot afford to employ a full time senior person in this capacity. I can provide such help as required probably one or two days a week but this can be flexible more or less a different times. I am looking for the right business to work with and become part of the management team moving the company forward. I feel I am equally able to work within an organisation long-term or assist on a short-term problem.

“Working with this size of business can mean much more than just numbers. I have been a key contact for their bankers and auditors, have helped on executive recruitment, dealt with insurance renewals, lease contracts, and much more as well as producing the financial information key to managing a business. I see myself as approachable, flexible and always willing to roll my sleeves up and get hands-on to solve a problem working alongside existing accounts staff.

“Contacts I have with bank managers like this concept as very often it is the lack of reliable information from a business that causes concerns to banks, knowing there is a solid accounting pedigree within the business provides them with comfort. This proposal is extremely cost effective as there is not the commitment for a business to a large full-time salary and benefits package when for much of the time this person could be doing functions that could be done by less experienced and by default employees earning less.”

Contact Gavin Allmand by email at: or phone 07970 369597.