Free business networking moves to Ramada Hotel

PETERBOROUGH Chamber of Commerce has announced a new venue for its regular informal networking evenings, after the Ramada Hotel agreed to play host for 2011.

The free networking events, which are open to all businesses from the Greater Peterborough area, are held on the first and third Wednesdays of the month and start at 6pm. They previously took place in the bar aboard Charter’s boat on the river. It is anticipated that the move to a venue outside the city centre will enable more local businesses to attend the events to raise their company profile.

Helen Bosett, who organises the regular events on behalf of the chamber, said, “We always see a big leap in numbers in January as businesses act on their New Year resolutions to get back out there on the networking circuit and put their business firmly on the map. So it’s the perfect time of year to move to a new venue and hopefully draw in new companies that wouldn’t normally attend, while also giving the evenings a new lease of life for the businesses that come along regularly.

“Charters have previously provided a great venue for the events for the past couple of years, and we can’t thank them enough for their hospitality and generosity.”

As well as providing an opportunity to promote products and services, the evening events also encourage companies to discuss the local issues affecting businesses across the city.

Iain Crighton, chair of Peterborough Chamber of Commerce, said, “Each time I attend one of these evenings I’m always impressed by the diversity of businesses attending and the great atmosphere that’s generated. Apparently without any effort, everyone mixes well and no-one is left alone in the corner.

“It’s interesting when I ask why people are attending, as there seem to be so many reasons. Some are new in business and need to meet people, some of whom later become like mentors or business advisors and some they gain new business from. And other regular attendees find it is useful to just have a drink and share some of the problems they’ve been having that week.

“The events are free to attend and open to businesses of all sizes and sectors. Simply drop-in anytime between 6.00-8.00pm, buy a drink from the bar, and stay as long as you like.”

The Ramada Hotel is located just off the roundabout that joins Thorpe Road to Thorpe Parkway, near the rowing lake. It was formerly known as The Butterfly. The informal networking evenings are posted on the events calendar (click).