FSB launches radical new brand to reflect the UK’s dynamic small business sector

fsb-logoEXPERTS in business, the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has launched a radical new brand alongside a major digital investment to better reflect the UK’s dynamic small business sector.

The move is intended to enhance the organisation’s appeal to the ever changing make up of the UK’s 5.4 million small businesses. It will also make it easier for smaller businesses to see what the FSB has to offer, streamlining access to its membership services, joining processes, and campaign activity.

David Miles, Director at the Federation of Small Businesses, said, “UK smaller businesses are world leaders in their use of technology and customer care. As the voice of small business we need to reflect these fantastic businesses and I think the new brand demonstrates this.”

Already the largest business membership organisation in the UK, the FSB strongly believes in the value of smaller businesses joining together to support each other.

New FSB research found that smaller businesses greatly value the sorts of membership services the FSB already offers, including its 24/7 legal advice, financial support, and employment expertise. However, the research also found that, among small businesses who were not yet members of the FSB, awareness of these services was not widespread.

To help improve understanding of the benefits of FSB membership, the organisation has made a significant investment in its online presence. Visitors to the FSB website will find major improvements which allow the organisation to offer even more resources for businesses. FSB will also seek to become more active on social media channels, increasingly digitising its comprehensive library of small business advice.

David Miles, Director at the Federation of Small Businesses, explained, “FSB is an organisation created and led by smaller businesses for smaller businesses. We know our members really value the services we offer, safe in the knowledge that these have been carefully selected to fit with their needs. However, we need to get better at getting the message out. Our website is our shop window and I am confident today’s investment will help great numbers of businesses to see the value of what we have to offer.”

The UK has been ranked as one of the most entrepreneurial in the world. There are now more businesses than ever starting up with around 5.4 million registered in the UK at the start of this year, an increase of 1.9 million since the turn of the millennium. More than 99 per cent of private sector businesses are small firms, accounting for 48 per cent of private sector employment and 33 per cent of private sector turnover2.

When FSB asked businesses what they wanted from a membership organisation1, the top three requirements were: networking, business advice, and training. FSB’s research also suggests that the services it currently offers are very much in demand from smaller businesses. As part of its rebrand, FSB also intends to further improve its already extensive service offering to give members more of what they want.

David Miles concluded, “We have been building trust and credibility amongst the business community for more than 40 years and we want to continue to support our members for another 40 years, which is why making sure we modernise and stay relevant to them and the wider business community is so important.

“Today’s businesses need our support and services more than ever. Smaller businesses face numerous challenges related to a range of upcoming policy changes including the new National Living Wage, pensions auto-enrolment deadlines, and changes to the way dividends are taxed.

“The more members we have, the more strength we have to stand up for these businesses and make sure their voice is heard by government. By communicating in a more relevant way for the businesses of today, we can introduce more start-ups and smaller businesses to the support and advice they can access from the FSB, allowing them to focus on managing and growing their businesses while we represent their interests to Government.”

FSB offers membership packages starting from £130. FSB members enjoy an array of business related benefits. Further details can be found on the FSB website.

FSB is the only membership organisation to offer its members comprehensive tax protection, business legal protection insurance as well as employment law guidance, health & safety advice, healthcare advice and a no obligation, free financial health check.

In addition, FSB members gain exclusive access to specially negotiated products and services that will help them to grow their businesses, they will also be able to take advantage of a wide range of networking groups across the country.