Kids get a breath of fresh air

Peterborough business, Canopy UK, provides a transformational air movement system at no cost to local primary school.

A thriving local primary school, St Botolph’s has recently updated its air movement system courtesy of Peterborough-based leading extraction and ventilation company, Canopy UK.

Recent findings have suggested that many of our schools do not meet the recommended ventilation rates. As we send off our most precious commodities to school five days a week, it is crucial that parents have the peace of mind that their children are not only healthy and comfortable, but also that they are both engaged and supported in every way, to ensure they are able perform as well as possible.

Exposure to poor indoor air quality (IQA) can have adverse effects on health as well as student performance. Common indoor air contaminants can include such nasties dust and dust mites, toxic vapours from cleaning products, microbial contaminants from damp and condensation as well as high levels of carbon dioxide. Symptoms that arise from an environment with poor indoor air quality can include headaches, increased allergies and asthma as well as fatigue.

Needless to say, these elements do not make for a comfortable environment and it was for these reasons that John Ellingham, director at Canopy UK decided to approach St Botolph’s Primary School.

“Both my children attend St Botolph’s,” John explains. “My wife and I have been in the hall on many occasions to watch school plays and performances and found it to be such a hot and uncomfortable environment. Having large groups of children with staff in the hall means that you are getting build ups of carbon dioxide and making the children tired, it was something I had the ability to change, so we did!”

St Botolph’s is a school that prides itself on providing a welcoming and supportive environment, encouraging children to achieve the highest academic standards in all subjects. So when John approached the primary school in early 2015 and the project was discussed amongst the school board. Everyone was in agreement that if there was anything that could be done to further enhance the children’s school experience and performance then it could only be a positive thing.

School budgets is a topic that is never far from the press and with our growing population, it is common knowledge that the budgets simply don’t stretch far enough currently to address issues such as indoor air quality, despite the serious implications that can arise.

Canopy UK carried out the installation of the air movement system, worth £2000, at no cost to the school. “We paid for all the work, the parts and all of the labour. One of our main suppliers, SK Sales wanted to get involved and donated some of the parts to help the project,” John tells us. The work was carried out over the Easter holidays, ensuring that the children didn’t experience any disruption or distraction to their school life.

The new air system will allow fresh air to be distributed around the hall, while the used air is pulled out, meaning that the air is circulated in an equal balance resulting in a fresh and comfortable atmosphere in which the children can thrive.

The deputy headteacher at St Botolph’s Primary School said, “We’re extremely grateful to Canopy UK for donating an air ventilation system to St Botolph’s CE Primary School. Now that the summer months are here, we certainly feel the benefit of the fresh air in our hall. The days of overheating and drowsiness on a warm day are gone and having all four hundred pupils and fifty staff in the same place is now far more pleasant. Many thanks to Mr Ellingham and his team for the generous work they’ve done for us.”

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