Local businessman calls on employers to recognise ‘unsung’ customer service heroes

NATIONAL Customer Service Week begins on Monday 3 October and local businessman Mike Holland is calling on employers throughout the Peterborough area to seize the moment to recognise the efforts and achievements of their own staff.

Thousands of people across the UK will be taking part in events at work to draw the attention of colleagues and customers to the importance of providing great service.

Mike, managing director of marketing and public relations consultants Smye-Holland Associates and chairman of PECT Consultancy Ltd, says it’s a great opportunity for directors and managers to say ‘thank you’ to the unsung heroes in their organisation. “People often don’t get the credit they deserve for what they do and the lengths they go for their customers. Anyone who has ever dealt with an angry customer – particularly face-to-face – will know that it takes more than smiles and kind words to stay calm and professional.”

National Customer Service Week is held annually in the first week in October. Staff and managers in hundreds of businesses and public sector organisations take part by organising special events and focusing on colleagues who have made a big impact on their customers.

Mike said: “It’s a great time to remind ourselves that it’s more important than ever now to provide great service. Customers are the lifeblood for businesses today and any business that neglects them in any way does so at their own peril.”

Last year more than 2,000 organisations across the UK took part including banks, call centres, shops and major stores, transport and utility industries and many local government and public sector bodies.

Thousands of initiatives are being organised for 3-9 October this year. They include job swaps, meet-the-team opportunities for customers, directors handling complaint calls and spending time in customer-facing roles, fancy dress and dressing-down days, quizzes and competitions, mystery shopping exercises, open days for customers, lunches to reward staff achievement, award ceremonies and other recognition events.

Mike added, “The week is about having fun but it’s a great opportunity for employers to show their staff and customers that they are serious about improving service. More than three million people in the UK work in customer service positions. This is the ideal time for employers through the Peterborough region to recognise the efforts and contributions of their own staff – and the difference they make by maintaining good relationships with their customers.”

If any organisation wants to take part in National Customer Service Week 2011 and needs more information, contact Smye Holland Associates at: info@smye-holland.com or on 01733 564906.