Nine out of ten young people choose to ‘earn while they learn’

MORE and more Peterborough youngsters are seeking careers that combine ‘on the job’ training with further education, according to city accountancy firm Rawlinsons.

The company surveyed youngsters at the recent Peterborough Careers Fair and nine out of ten young people said that they would be keen to pursue on the job training with further education as opposed to going to university.

Many businesses are responding to this growing trend and offering a range of internships and apprenticeships that provide both employee and employer opportunities to see one another in action and ensure that learning is vocationally focused.

Rawlinsons has been adopting this approach for a number of years. Their programme is ideal for those who have ambitions to be accountants but who don’t necessarily wish to go to university.

Participants of the progamme qualify within five to six years, exactly the same amount of time as it would take to do a degree followed by the Association of Chartered Accountants exams. And during that time rather than potentially running up debts at university they will be earning a wage.

Mark Jackson, Rawlinsons Partner said: “Talking to the participants at the careers fair gave us a real insight into the different paths young people are willing to take for a successful career. On the job training can provide valuable benefits for both the business and the employee.

“At Rawlinsons we train our recruits around our business requirements which is beneficial to us as a business as it is cost effective and at the same time the young person is achieving a professional qualification and gains practical skills.”

Sue Addison from Opportunity Peterborough said: “Business interest in targeted vocational courses and apprenticeships is definitely on the increase. We continue to work closely with local businesses and schools to ensure they are informed of both the options and the benefits.

Rawlinsons is getting ready for two new trainees joining the firm next month. Each year they take on up to three new recruits and the interview process starts in the spring.

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