Pet food maker gives rescue dogs a Christmas lunch or two

You can see the excitement in the dog's eyes, as Sam (right) visits Sue (left) with the 200 bags of food

RESCUE dogs near Peterborough have received an extra-special delivery from local dog-food brand, Autarky, just in time for Christmas.

Animal Helpline Dog Rescue, in Wansford, was gifted 200 bags of Autarky’s Limited-Edition Festive Turkey & Potato diet, which is a naturally hypoallergenic turkey dinner, featuring a sprinkling of Christmassy cranberries, so the dogs can enjoy a festive feed.

Based in Northamptonshire, Autarky, part of Dodson & Horrell Ltd, was delighted to give back to the local dog community and help give rescue dogs across the region a well-deserved Christmas treat.

All Autarky food is formulated by one of Britain’s leading canine nutritionists, which means that the rescue dogs are sure to have a hearty meal over the Christmas period as the food contains everything our canine friends need to keep active and healthy.

Sam Horrell, Dodson & Horrell CEO – which manufactures Autarky – said, “We are delighted to be able to donate a large quantity to local rescue dogs at a time of year that can be particularly tough for dog rehoming organisations. We hope that the feed will provide the dogs with plenty of well-deserved Christmas dinners over the festive period and beyond.”

Sue Broughton, one of the trustees at Animal Helpline Dog Rescue, said, “Having been around for 30 years, we’ve rehomed lots of dogs in the time we have been operating. We’re a team run completely by volunteers and having a donation of dog food means that it’s one less thing to worry about, but also that our dogs are receiving the nutrition they need. It’s so nice to see a big business spreading the Christmas cheer.”

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