Peterborough has the fastest 3G in Britain

SMARTPHONE and mobile broadband users in Peterborough enjoy the fastest 3G download speed in Britain, according to a recent survey.

The average speed of data transfer in the city is 3.86Mbps, considerably higher than the national average of 2.62Mbps. This means that users of mobile broadband devices can access data, websites and multimedia quickly and easily in Peterborough, making work and leisure activities online more efficient and fun.

The survey was conducted by mobile and broadband comparison website, The company has produced an app for smartphones that allows users to test the download speed of data in different locations. Thousands of users have tested mobile broadband services across the country and the results have been complied to create the rankings.

Martyn Moore, director of NorthLight Media, a video production company in Peterborough, said, “This is great news for the city. Fast mobile internet access can make a huge difference to doing business efficiently. We use mobile devices to view, create and edit multimedia projects and to know that this can be done on location or at a client’s premises without having to rely on wires is excellent. It’s another powerful advantage to doing business in this great city.”

The slowest 3G mobile broadband service is in Milton Keynes with just 1.73Mbps.