Peterborough is at the centre of the specialist media world

SOME of the most influential specialist publishers in the world will gather at the Specialist Media Show, Exec Peterborough on May 25, reinforcing the city’s reputation as a centre of media excellence.

Peterborough has a long tradition in specialist media with companies like Emap (now Bauer), Dennis, Warners, Kelsey, the BBC and Johnston Press attracting publishing talent to the area. As a result, lots of smaller, even more specialised businesses have been set up in the area.

The Specialist Media Show has been created to celebrate media innovation and bring specialist publishers together to share ideas. Peterborough is a natural home for this kind of show, which is now attracting professionals from across the UK and overseas.

Carolyn Morgan, media consultant and content director of The Specialist Media Show, said, “Peterborough is perfect for an event like this. It already has a huge media community and the city is easy to reach for publishers in other parts of the country.

“The specialist sector includes thousands of independent publishers and I think these are going to be the people who shape the future. It’s about really rich print, online and event content and these are the people who have it.”

Results from the biggest specialist media survey ever undertaken will be revealed at the Specialist Media Show. Findings are expected to provide valuable insight into: the future of consumer magazines; B2B magazine circulation trends; paid-for B2B events; mobile devices; online B2B consumption and consumer attitudes to paid content.

The full results of the 2010 Future of Specialist Media survey and a debate about its findings are being presented at The Specialist Media Show 2010. The show takes place at Exec Peterborough on May 25.