Peterborough is one of 12 areas of the UK beating the recession

PETERBOROUGH has been named as one of 12 areas of the UK that are ‘on the way up’ and beating the recession.

According to a report in The Sunday Times, Peterborough’s substantial regeneration plans and its commitment to attracting blue-chip companies, which will provide well-paid jobs, will make our city one of the most sustainable in the country.

The report also said that the city’s competitive house prices gives home buyers more for their money and the Robertsons, a couple quoted in the report, said they are able to buy a home near Peterborough that is twice the size of their current property in south-west London.

Peterborough City Council leader councillor Marco Cereste said, “We are absolutely delighted that the hard work that is going on in Peterborough to ensure the city continues to grow and thrive, despite the difficult economic climate, is making a positive impact on people’s lives.

“I have lived in Peterborough for more than 50 years and I am tremendously proud of the city. As leader I am committed to putting Peterborough on the map and making it the best possible place for those who choose to live, work and visit here.

“I am delighted that the Robertson family featured in the article are looking forward to their move to the city, and I welcome them.”

The other areas named in the report were Durham, Salford, Nottingham, King’s Lynn, King’s Cross, south-east London, Margate, Ramsgate, Ashford, Bexhill-on-Sea and Plymouth.

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