Peterborough’s five star accountants

IMG_0620smallTWO Peterborough accountancy firms are the first to achieve the coveted 5-star status in the new AVNExcellence accreditation system, which means that they rank amongst the best in the UK.

AVNExcellence was created by AVN, an innovative national association of accountants whose members are passionate about helping their clients enjoy and build more successful and profitable businesses. The aim is simple: to enable accountants to provide their clients with outstanding service and results, every time. Existing accountancy accreditation systems review compliance and other particular issues, but AVNExcellence is far more detailed and looks at the business as a whole – its systems, people, customer service and overall experience and, importantly, successfully helping its customers develop and grow their businesses. Highly trained, independent assessors examine every aspect of an accountancy practice against tough new standards.

The two 5-star Peterborough firms are AA Accountants and GreenStones. Their superb ratings are testament to the firms’ strenuous efforts to do an exceptional job for their clients.  Simon Chaplin, owner of GreenStones, explains, “The AVNExcellence standards have great credibility. This isn’t about getting an easy ride and a congratulatory slap on the back. It’s about a skilled third party looking at us and examining the relevant issues in detail. I now know for sure that if a firm gets a top rating, they’ve really earned it!”

Shahzad Nawaz, Managing Director of AA Accountants, reflected on the firm’s accreditation success, “There’s nothing else quite like AVNExcellence in the UK and it’s been a very good experience. When you’re working hard you don’t always know how well you’re doing. Our team really appreciated the external insight on how much we’d done and what adjustments will keep us moving forward and consistently delivering the best possible service to our clients.”

AVNExcellence is setting the standard for accountancy firms all over the UK, which can only be good news for business and the economy.  In the meantime, Peterborough business owners wanting to reach their potential and work with one of the two best accountancy firms in the UK can find them at and respectively.