Scottish law qualification for Greenwoods’ director

A PETERBOROUGH solicitor has passed exams that will allow him to practise in Scotland.

David Woods, GreenwoodsDavid Woods, (left) a director at Greenwoods, has recently passed the necessary exams to enable him to advise on matters that are governed by Scottish Law as well as those governed by the laws of England and Wales.

Mr Woods told, “It has long been a cause of frustration that when we are advising on deals that have a Scottish component, such as the acquisition of a group that has a Scottish branch or subsidiary, or where a business contract is governed by Scottish Law, we have to refer that aspect to lawyers in Scotland. Now we will be able to deal with it ourselves and provide our client with the complete package.”

The Scottish legal system differs from that in England in a number of ways including the laws relating to property and to court procedure.

“Whilst these ‘cross-border’ issues do not arise everyday in our work, they are quite frequent,” Mr Woods said. “We worked on a franchise agreement governed by Scottish law, where the franchise concept was conceived in Scotland and extended south of the border by way of expansion, and with the purchase of a business in Scotland by one of our locally based clients as part of their growth.”