Taxman to ‘name and shame’

HM REVENUE and Customs has announced that it will publish the names, business details and addresses of companies and individuals that have deliberately underpaid their taxes.

A spokesperson for Peterborough-based accountants Rawlinsons said: “Within the next 18 months, HMRC will be regularly publishing lists of taxpayers who have deliberately included errors on their tax returns leading to a tax loss of more than £25,000. To get on the lists innocent errors and mistakes should be excluded. The £25,000 figure of lost revenue will cover the amount from one investigation but that means all years under investigation and all relevant taxes.

“It is expected to be in force from 1 April 2010. Because of this it is unlikely that we will see any names published before the first quarter of 2011. The details published will be the taxpayers name and address, their trade or profession, the amount of tax involved and interest charges, and finally the period covered.”