Links from other websites improve your site’s search results

The Little Search Company

The Little Search Company

WEBSITES with links to them from other websites achieve a higher ranking in search engine results, according to a Peterborough-based web search expert.

Paul Smith, managing director of The Little Search Company, based in Park Road, told a meeting of internet entrepreneurs that links to their sites from other sites, like, would result in higher visibility.

“Securing links from other websites is a form of ‘off-page’ search engine optimisation and can dramatically improve results,” said Mr Smith.

In his 40-minute presentation at the Brewery Tap function room, Mr Smith explained how search engine optimisation (SEO) works and gave delegates valuable advice on how to optimise their sites.

“Page titles on websites are very important,” said Mr Smith. “And it’s important to make sure you optimise your site for phrases people actually search for.”

Mr Smith demonstrated how services from Google and Yahoo can help you understand popular search terms and see how many websites are linking to yours.

Martyn Moore, editor of, said, “The case for sending your news stories to is now even stronger. As Paul Smith says, when my website runs your news story and links to your site, your search results improve dramatically.”