We like the look of this!

HERE’S a carefully-cropped version of the front cover of June’s magazine from the city council (see below). The feature on page nine didn’t quite live up to the promise of the cover.

Your Peterborough is a lively, upbeat magazine distributed free around the city to help keep citizens informed about the various activities that the council is providing and promoting.

This month’s issue celebrate’s Peterborough United’s promotion to the Football League Championship, the 2009 Peterborough Festival and introduces the council’s new cabinet.

The photo on the front cover shows Party in the Park headliners the Jive Aces (Saturday June 20, Central Park) and the nearest cover line (possibly as a very clever joke) says “Meet the new cabinet”.

The Jive Aces won’t be overseeing council business, it seems, but they would certainly have brought some colour and excitement to the world of public administration.

Your Peterborough, June 2009

Your Peterborough, June 2009