Brits have just four baths a year

And in the east midlands we have the shortest baths

MORE than a third of Brits take just four baths or less a year, new national research has revealed and here in the East Midlands we spend the shortest time in the bath each time we dip.

Thirty-five per cent of the UK admits it now takes up to just four baths annually, and 47 per cent say that two of those baths are most likely to be taken while staying at a hotel, according to the nationwide study released to celebrate Bubble Bath Day (January 8th) by the UK’s leading hotel booking site

Brits take an average of 227 showers a year.  Despite 75 per cent of the nation still having both a bath and shower in their home bathroom and three-quarters of householders saying baths are more relaxing and better for ‘me’ time, it is the shower that sees the most action.

But the UK doesn’t shower or bath on 111 days of the year. That’s more than three months a year without a bath or a shower.

For 35 per cent of the nation the decision to take a shower instead of a bath is simply a time issue – showers are quicker.

The study revealed that, even as adults, 60 per cent of us often share a bath with our partner, especially if we’re staying at a hotel.

Almost three in every 10 quizzed in the national poll admit that they are also far more likely to use bubble bath when taking a bath in a hotel than they are when taking a bath at home.

Businessmen are the most likely to use bubble bath when taking a bath during a hotel stay, according to the study. And their favourite bubble bath fragrance? Lavender.

The UK is also far more likely to take a bath at the weekend, the research reveals.

When Brits are in a bath the most popular bathroom activity is reading a book. Though more than a third of the nation says they like to spend bath-time ‘clearing their mind’. spokesperson Andrea Tarpey said: “We polled more than 2,000 UK adults in order to shed some light on the nation’s bathing habits to coincide with Bubble Bath day. The bathroom is a hugely important part of a hotel stay and often the deciding factor in a guest’s choice of room, so we wanted to examine the nation’s perceptions about the whole bathing experience.

“Our research shows that almost a quarter of the UK (24 per cent) admits that even when plunged into a relaxing bubble bath they can’t resist using their smartphone to check up on social media and texts.

“According to these new statistics, the average time Brits spend soaking in a tub of hot water is 20 minutes.

“What is abundantly clear is that while our busy lives means we don’t have as much time to enjoy a hot soak in a lovely bath as we’d like, we still prefer them to showers. And that means when we take a relaxing trip away from home we’re much more likely to indulge ourselves by taking a bath whilst in a hotel.”

There are distinct regional variations in our bathing habits too, the study has revealed.

Those living in the South-west of the UK, in areas like Plymouth, take the fewest showers – 208 per year on average. While people living in Wales take the most showers every year – 251 on average.

Londoners and those elsewhere in the South-east of England spend the longest soaking in a bath – an average of 21.31 minutes. While those who spend the least time in the bath – just 19.21 minutes – live in the East Midlands.