Chairman celebrates two decades with insurance group

Matthew and Peter (right) relax in South Africa

Matthew and Peter (right) relax on a wet South African roof terrace

In 1995 Bill Clinton was President of the USA and fearless voyager Steve Fossett took the first solo flight across the Pacific in a balloon. Starting an intrepid adventure of his own was Peter Winslow, who walked into the Peterborough headquarters of insurance group BGL as CEO for the first time.

Although Peter handed over the chief executive reins to Matthew Donaldson in 2013, he remains closely involved with the Group as its executive chairman. He celebrated his milestone achievement with the current board and group’s owners in South Africa.

Reflecting on the past two decades, Peter said: “When I look back at how much the organisation has grown over the past 20 years, it really is an impressive achievement – but not something I did alone by any stretch of the imagination. I understood quickly that I could hire great people to work with me, and that is what we have continued to do.

“Our people are committed to the success of the organisation. When I started with BGL, we were a company of 200 people, and 35 of those are still here celebrating career milestones of their own.

“For me though, it’s what will happen next that’s truly exciting. Our innovative brands and continuing growth make this a dynamic and invigorating place to be. I cannot wait to see what the next year holds, let alone the next 20.”

BGL chief executive, Matthew Donaldson, has worked with Peter for almost 15 years. He said: “From the day he started at BGL, Peter relentlessly focused on developing and improving the culture within the organisation and that’s something I am proud to continue. Not only have I learned a great deal from him and found him hugely supportive as I’ve developed my own career, I also count him as a firm friend. I am lucky to retain his counsel in our partnership as chief executive and chairman.”

Peter joined BGL three years after the business was established in the UK, following a successful career in publishing, during which he held a number of posts including chief executive at Harper Collins. He originally qualified as a chartered accountant and was awarded the CBE in 2012.