City accountant offers ‘automatic millionaire’ advice

A PETERBOROUGH accountant is holding an event that will explain how businesses can be debt-free in seven years and how entrepreneurs can become ‘automatic millionaires’ by making money work for them.

The event, to be held at GreenStones, Commerce Road on July 11, 2012, is open to any individual and business owner. It is free to attend.

Simon Chaplin, managing director of GreenStones, said, “Would you like a life in which you never have to worry about money again? How great would that life be?

“Why not invite two or three clients, customers or suppliers who you think will benefit from coming. We will discuss how you can make your money work for you and become an automatic millionaire. And we’ll reveal a simple to follow system to become debt free in seven years.”

For more information about this GreenStones event, click this link to the GreenStones website.