Consultancy appoints Smye Holland associates

STRATEGIC business and management consultancy Drummond MacFarlane ( has appointed Peterborough-based Smye Holland Associates ( to handle a range of marketing communications activities aimed at raising the company’s profile with potential clients.

Drummond MacFarlane was established in 2010 by a group of senior executives from both public and private sectors. It specialises in providing affordable, independent, strategic advice.

The team includes senior executives and specialists who previously worked for the government’s Audit Commission together with senior private sector managers.

Ken Davis of Drummond MacFarlane said: “As a relatively new business we need to establish ourselves in the market and reflect our considerable experience and expertise through our marketing communications.

“Smye Holland Associates is working on a range of projects, including our website and sales literature, to update the materials we used for our launch such that they reflect the growth and success of the business.”

Mike Holland of Smye Holland Associates said: “Drummond MacFarlane can help public and private sector organisations to achieve real efficiencies and improve their effectiveness. An integrated marketing communications campaign will help to promote that message to potential clients.”