Crane maker gets a lift

HMF CranesPETERBOROUGH-based hydraulic loader crane company HMF (UK) is working to raise its profile and increase sales. Key to the company’s aggressive new strategy are two new cranes, a reorganisation of the sales force and the appointment of its first dealers.

Andy Rigby, HMF (UK) sales and service manager (front of photo with his team), said, “These are exciting times for our business. Not only do our loaders offer unrivalled build quality, they also represent the ‘cutting edge’ in terms of technology.”

The new cranes are the 38 tonne-metre HMF 3820-K and the 47 tonne-metre HMF 4720-K. Up to eight hydraulic extensions can be specified giving a reach up to 21.4 metres. Both have the RCL 5300 Safety System to prevent overloading.

An option on the new cranes is the latest dynamic version of the EVS (Electronic Vehicle Stability) system that calculates the extent to which the load on the back of a truck can also act as counterweight to maximise capacity without risk of tipping.