Eamonn highlighted as Later Life success adviser

Eamonn Dorling Peterborough Business

EAMONN Dorling, an adviser based in Peterborough who works at Beacon Financial Ltd in Kimbolton, Cambridgeshire has been welcomed into the prestigious association Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA) marking him as the only adviser in Peterborough and Cambridgeshire with this accreditation.

SOLLA was founded in 2008 as a ‘not for profit’ organisation, to meet the needs of consumers, advisers and those who provide financial products and services to the Later Life market. It aims to ensure that consumers are better informed about financial issues in later life, and can find an accredited adviser.

In order for Eamonn to become a member of SOLLA he had to obtain the Later Life Adviser Accreditation (LLAA) which is independently audited and endorsed by government body, the Financial Skills Partnership (FSP), showing that he is a specialist in advising older people on financial matters and continually meets a strict code of conduct.

Already advising clients and potential clients for a care home in Peterborough, Eamonn has an enviable knowledge of later life financial planning and is proud to be able to help. “I have seen many people who believe they have to sell their home to provide for their retirement and/or care, which often isn’t the case. It feels good to be able to genuinely help them look after their needs and put themselves first, instead of them potentially receiving inaccurate advice that could cause potential heartbreak when selling a family home.”

“Eamonn is a great asset to the company,” commented Tony Larkins, Beacons Managing Director. “His knowledge for later life care is vast and he shows a real passion for providing the right advice in the best way possible, which is paramount.”