Help is there for Peterborough businesses looking to cut energy costs

Compare and switch gas & electricity suppliers with energyhelpline.comFOLLOWING the revelation that British Gas saw a significant increase in profits in 2012, thanks in part to big price rises for consumers, and the prime minister’s efforts to force greater tariff transparency among energy providers, lots of attention has been on fuel costs again.

Peterborough businesses continue to try to manage down all their costs to help them survive the economic downturn and energy bills continue to be a significant burden for many.

One of the best ways of reducing the cost of energy for your office or factory is to simply use less of it. The smarter we are with heat, light and equipment management, the better it is for our bottom line and the planet.

The Energy Savings Trust (EST) is a government-supported body that helps companies cut fuel costs through employee engagement and cultural change in organisations. Much of the EST website is dedicated to consumer advice and energy efficiency in the home but there is a very useful section here (click) for businesses.

The other way to drive down fuel costs is to be always looking for the best possible value tariffs. Lots of businesses lack the time and resources to constantly seek out the best deals on energy tariffs, they are too busy carrying out their main business of making a product or providing a service.

Help is a hand, however, in the shape of energy provider comparison websites like the Energy Helpline. Like the Energy Savings Trust, the Energy Helpline provides help to thousands of domestic users but it also has a dedicated service for businesses here (click).

Sites such as the Energy Helpline compare prices from all the main providers, including British Gas, npower, e.on, EDF and many more. Finding the best tariff for an organisation and then helping it switch could be just the thing many hard-pressed businesses in Peterborough need to help restore their profits and secure their futures.