Innovation guru set to inspire Destination Growth 09

Max McKeownAN ‘innovation guru’ who has advised some of the world’s biggest corporations will headline one of the region’s biggest business events.

Max McKeown, described as “somewhere between Bill Gates and Buddha on the wisdom scale”, advises the likes of ITV, Monsoon and Microsoft on how to inspire a vibrant culture of innovation within a business.

Mr McKeown, left, will deliver an innovation master class at Destination Growth 09, on 3 November.

“Every crisis provides an opportunity to improve,” said Mr McKeown. “The truth is that the best way to deal with a recession is to innovate your way out of it. As a business you could just cut back on everything, but you will also cut back on the very things that can help you to survive and grow. You could just continue to spend as if there was no recession but you will run out of money and waste opportunities to be innovative.

Join 1,000 business leaders and hear Max McKeown talk at Destination Growth – the east of England’s biggest business and networking event. Seminars are selling-out fast, so register now for Destination Growth 09 at Destination Growth 09 is £75+VAT to attend and takes place at AirSpace Duxford.