Score a goal with the boss

Being a football supporter can put you on top of the league in the office but be careful not to be a hooligan

poshWITH the football season back in full swing, a poll of bosses has found that what team you support can help your career prospects.

The survey of 900 senior management employees from the UK’s leading companies found that 54% believe supporting a common team with your peers and boss can help with career prospects, whilst nearly half (47%) think sharing a favourite team can open doors within a company.

Eighty-four percent of respondents in the survey agree that football matches are a great conversation starter and way of getting noticed in the workplace, and by supporting the same team, 20% have themselves scored seats with the boss to match games.

When asked if they could be CEO and marketing manager for a day which football shirt they would pick to display their company name/logo, the corporate league champions came in at:

  1. Manchester United 37%
  2. Liverpool 20%
  3. Chelsea 17%
  4. Arsenal 16%
  5. Manchester City 5%

However, of those surveyed, some also believe that supporting a team can hinder your career. Fifty-eight percent agree that as a rival supporter you can become the butt of office jokes. Forty seven per cent reveal that you also become a rival to the boss if he or she support a different team with 42% saying this can lead to the “Ronaldo complex” – being excluded by peers and seniors.

Poll takers also admit that overly supporting your team is a red card offence. Fifty five per cent of senior management quizzed in the survey said wearing football kit (and cluttering your desk with football souvenirs) can get you relegated.

Derek Pilcher, managing director of the management careers website, said “A healthy football interest can create good banter with your colleagues and peers. It is a good way for you to build interpersonal relationships. If the boss supports the same team, it is okay to discuss a bit but do be careful and don’t overplay your game.”