Intensive care for Peterborough businesses

BUSINESSES in Peterborough are being offered free intensive support to help them get through the challenges of the economic downturn, with new investment announced by the East of England Development Agency (EEDA).

EEDA’s ‘Intensive Support for Businesses’ programme has been set-up to complement the government’s launch of ‘Real Help for Business’. Experienced advisors from some of the region’s enterprise agencies will work alongside up to 600 start-up and established businesses across the region; to help them address difficulties and improve their efficiency, and by doing so, giving that business a better chance of surviving the current economic climate.

EEDA chairman Richard Ellis said: “There is no doubt that it’s a difficult and worrying time for many businesses across our region. The government are taking an important step by guaranteeing bank loans to businesses through Real Help for Business.

“EEDA’s own intensive support programme will complement the government’s actions by offering businesses that one-to-one dedicated time with specialist advisors which can be so important in finding ways to adapt, survive and improve. My message to businesses remains the same – seek this sort of help early to ensure that you are in the best possible shape to face these challenges head-on.”

Companies can find out more about the Real Help for Business package by visiting the national online portal at For further information on EEDA’s new ‘intensive support’ project, businesses in the East of England should visit the ‘Growth’ line on EEDA’s Business Map –