Marketing advice is ‘tried and tested’

BOURNE-based n.b. marketing has published “Twelve tried and tested marketing tips to propel your business into the new year”.

Paula Finch (left), director of n.b. marketing said, “2011 doesn’t have to be the painful experience lots of people are predicting. Combine our 12 marketing tips with one of our events to give your business the best chance of growth.”

“We have a great programme of seminars and workshops lined up for 2011, all designed to give owner managers the right business development tools to make a difference to their business.”

1. Plan and prepare – if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.

2. Be passionate – your own enthusiasm for your business will be infectious.

3. Invest in yourself – find a workshop or seminar that will boost your confidence, give you new skills or new ideas for your business.

4. Look outwards – build your business around your customers needs, but make sure you really know what their needs are.

5. Review – take time to step out of your business on a regular basis to review what you’re doing and how it could be done better.

6. Take action – be prepared to set aside resources and put in the work that gets you results.

7. Ask for testimonials – there’s nothing like word-of-mouth recommendations, testimonials and case studies to prove the value of who you are and what you do.

8. Out with the old, bring in the new – make a concerted effort to get your list of contacts, prospects and customers up-to-date.

9. Refresh your website – new or updated content will improve your search engine rankings.

10. Revive your brand – we don’t just mean your logo, but how your business is presented in print, online and face-to-face.

11. Surprise and delight – make yourself different to your competitors by adding value wherever you can. Make your business the one customers want to buy from.

12. Spice it up – inject a new lease of life into your business by developing a new product, service or marketing approach – it could win you more sales.

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