Opportunity Peterborough and UK CEED announce formal collaborative working relationship

OPPORTUNITY Peterborough, the city’s economic development company, and the UK Centre for Economic and environmental Development (UK CEED) have announced a formal collaborative working relationship.

According to Opportunity Peterborough, the potential for innovation and economic development in “green” growth will be maximised. The approach will enhance Peterborough’s reputation for environmental enterprise, bringing new investment and jobs to the city, and, through UK CEED’s national and international links, will generate more opportunities and leads for city businesses, OP says.

Neil Darwin will become the CEO of UK CEED, alongside his CEO duties at Opportunity Peterborough. He will work with the separate boards and staff in the best interests of each company whilst obtaining the benefit of their combined skills and expertise. Neil will succeed Chris Murray, CEO of UK CEED since January 2009. Chris has established a strong, economic business and international reputation for UK CEED. He will now focus on his role as CEO of Alsitek, an enterprise in low carbon technology and new materials, based in Peterborough.

John Cox CBE, chair of UK CEED, said, “This is an important strategic collaboration in which the Board of Trustees is proud to participate. It will provide leadership on policy analysis, education, skills, and technological progress essential for developing a sustainable economy. I look forward to this partnership, structured by British Standard guidelines, to enable both UK CEED and Opportunity Peterborough to further excel.”

John Bridge, chair of Opportunity Peterborough, said, “We have been working towards this collaboration during the course of last year and are pleased to see the alignment come together. There is a strong mutual relationship between the two companies, which we anticipate will deliver more jobs and investment in Peterborough.”

Neil Darwin, CEO of Opportunity Peterborough and UK CEED, said, “The collaboration is an exciting opportunity to bring two distinct companies closer together. It combines many strands of work which are already complementary in nature and will be beneficial for both organisations. I’m delighted we’ve established this approach and look forward to building both businesses to enhance environmental prospects for Peterborough and the UK Economy.”