Peterborough businesses offered help to promote environmentally-friendly travel

PETERBOROUGH City Council’s Travelchoice team is offering businesses funding towards projects which encourage employees to walk, cycle or use other forms of environmentally-friendly transport.

The Business Grant Scheme offers to pay up to half the cost towards facilities which encourages employees to use sustainable travel such as cycle parking areas, showers, lockers, car share signs and marking for car share only bays up to the value of £3,000.

The scheme is aimed at organisations which have an existing workplace travel plan in place or want to develop one on a voluntary level with the council’s Travelchoice team.

Travel plans are a package of measures used to encourage employees to reconsider how they travel to work. Alternative modes of transport such as walking, cycling, using public transport and car sharing are promoted, along with e-working and working from home. Workplace travel plans can help to reduce congestion in car parks, save employees money and encourage healthier lifestyles.

Rachel Birrell, workplace travel plan officer for the council’s Travelchoice team, said: “The Business Grant Scheme is one of a number of initiatives we are running to encourage people through their place of work to use sustainable, environmentally-friendly forms of transport.

“Staff who use sustainable travel options, such as walking, cycling and public transport, improve their physical and mental health along with the health of their bank balances. They often become more productive at work and there is less pressure on company car parks.
The deadline for funding applications is Wednesday 22 July 2009.

A new workplace travel plan guidance pack is available for businesses wanting to find out more about developing a workplace travel plan. The pack costs £45 and comes with a USB tool-kit containing all the templates and further resources needed to write and implement a travel plan. The Travelchoice team also offers a free support service including e-newsletters, bi-annual network meeting, seminars, on-line surveys and promotional materials.

For more information about the Business Grant Scheme or workplace travel plans email, call (01733) 747474 or visit

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  1. Peterborough business leaders should do some research on free public transport. You will be surprised how cheap it is (60 basis pts of tax) to get started and the benefits are immediate! Do you want your customers to turn away because parking is such a bother? No? Reduced parking is just one of the hundreds of benefits. Read our blog for reports of the many other benefits.

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