Seminar focused on benefits of online marketing to local business

FIFTY businesses from across the region attended the first communications seminar staged by Peterborough PR and marketing company Media Matters at the Marriott Hotel.

Online marketing and the potential opportunities for business was the underlying theme, with chartered marketer and online specialist Karen McNulty providing an overview of internet marketing, how far it has grown and what the future holds.

Speakers from local and national companies gave practical insights into how they are using some of the main online marketing tools on a daily basis to reach a wider target audience and grow their market share.

“It’s okay talking about the pros and cons of digital media and online communications but to hear it from businesspeople who are actually using it in their day to day operations was invaluable,” said Peter Corder, managing director of Media Matters.

“The internet does present exciting opportunities and a few potential pitfalls. As a communications company, we feel strongly that businesses need to be aware of what’s available, what works and then maximise the opportunities relevant to their own objectives.”

Media Matters is running a series of training workshops covering the key online marketing tools currently available for businesses. The workshops will be tailored to suit specific company needs. One of the first and most popular workshops is likely to be ‘Internet Marketing – the Basics’ providing a good grounding of online marketing essentials and how to put these into practice.
For more details of training workshops or forthcoming seminars contact Media Matters, tel: 01733 371363 or email:

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  1. Hi Des,
    We haven’t set a date for our next seminar yet but we can let you know when it is going to be if you can drop me a line with your details – Alternatively we run training sessions on internet marketing if you are interested. Again, you can either email me and I will send you details or information can be found on out website Kind regards, Angie Bull. Media Matters.

  2. It’s a shame I missed out on this one. Does anyone know when the next event is?

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