Waste company launches discount funeral service

Promises to put the fun back into funerals with major discounts for “burial parties”

WITH the price of funerals going through the roof, a leading waste management company is offering deals that undercut most undertakers and council-owned crematoriums, whilst bring bereaved families together.

Offering seriously large discounts for its “burial parties”, relatives are encouraged to celebrate the lives of their loved ones, leaving the acknowledged experts in waste and recycling to make the arrangements.

Fully licensed to handle all kinds of materials, a spokesman for the BusinesWaste.co.uk said that moving into funerals was a logical step in their business plan.

“Families and councils are cutting costs left, right and centre, and none more so in the business of saying goodbye to your dearly beloved,” Businesswaste.co.uk spokesman Paul Bearer said, “We’ve got the expertise, the contacts, and the full set of EU-recognised certificates that mean we are 100% able to conduct funerals at a substantial saving.”

New to the funerals business, Businesswaste.co.uk offers a range of vehicles from its fleet to act as a hearse, from traditional skip trucks to our top-of-the-range bin lorries.

“Bereaved families often have to spend thousands these days just for the most basic of funerals,” Paul Bearer said, “But you can have a superb ‘theme’ funeral at just a fraction of the cost.

“As long as the theme is ‘Coffin on the back of a bin lorry'”.

Businesswaste.co.uk say they’re able to offer a full funeral arrangement service, from choosing the coffin, right down to finding a suitable plot at a municipal landfill site.

“With our ability to scale up the business, we can offer awesome deals on every part of the ceremony.”

Business Waste Funeral Party Division offers cheap rates of the following:

–       Fully-recyclable coffins

–       “Real-look” suits for the deceased

–       Bin lorry hearse plus driver with full PSV licence

–       Rent-a-priest who doubles up as DJ at the wake

–       Marquee hire

–       Safe, legal recycling of the deceased as per EU Waste Management Regulations (Directives1999/31/EC and 2000/76/EC of the European Parliament)

“And if clients choose to bury their dearly departed instead of opting for safe, clean disposal at a fully-licensed recycling park, we’re pleased to offer an even greater discount.

“Just ask about our bargain basement ‘standing room only’ plot. It’s like a regular burial, but only using a fraction of the land,” said Paul Bearer. “No other funeral director can cut cost like that.”