Theatre group wants to perform at YOUR company

THE Eastern Angles Touring Theatre group wants to perform half-hour plays for businesses across Peterborough.

The group will stage lunchtime productions at the premises of companies who want to provide staff with an unusual, exciting experience at work.

Two plays have been written specially for the tour, which will take place in November.

Eastern Angles wants to hear from any Peterborough-based businesses willing to host a half-hour, lunchtime performance for the benefit of employees.

Lincoln RoadLion and UnicornThe two plays are entitled Lincoln Road and Lion & Unicorn. The first will celebrate the diversity of life on Peterborough’s Lincoln Road. The second is a magical, grown-up fairytale describing what happens when the Lion & Unicorn, depicted on the plaque on Peterborough’s Guildhall, mysteriously come to life!

Eastern Angles is no stranger to unusual venues. Past productions have been staged in fire stations, night clubs and churches and one play was even performed in an aircraft hanger.

Earlier this year the company performed a promenade-style play, Getting Here, in Peterborough Museum’s Art Gallery as part of the Peterborough Festival.
The theatre’s marketing officer, Karen Goddard, said, “Our writers are creating two brand new plays based on life in Peterborough. The plays will be performed by professional actors and directed by two nationally-acclaimed young theatre directors, Naomi Jones and Lucy Kerbel.

“Rather than staging the plays in conventional theatre spaces and expecting audiences to turn up, we want to bring performances to the people. By performing in work canteens, conference rooms and social clubs we will be giving Peterborough workers the chance to see a half-hour burst of inspiring, thought-provoking professional theatre during their lunch break. This project will give us an exciting opportunity to take our work to some unusual locations whilst giving businesses the chance to host an interesting and innovative arts event on their own premises.”

Platform PeterboroughEastern Angles believes that watching a theatre performance in the work place can be a great bonding experience.

Ms Goddard said, “Enjoying the communal experience of a theatre performance can be a great leveller. It gets people from all backgrounds talking to each other. It’s one of best team-building activities there is!”

To find out more about how your business can get involved in Platform Peterborough and host a lunchtime theatre performance contact Karen Goddard on 01473 218202

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  1. They are performing at our office on the 24th November at lunchtime. Let me know if you would like to come.

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